GPS Moving map

Welcome to the fmapdisplay home page. For right now all I'm posting is instructions on how to get this installed as it's not the most intuitive thing to do and I just havn't had time to work on the build system.
If you havn't downloaded the tarballs click Here and then go to the files area.

Download all three files: con-tiger-0.1.tar.bz2, fmapdisplay-0.1.tar.bz2, and fmap-etc-0.1.tar.bz2.
con-tiger contains the map generation utility and some headers fmapdisplay needs. fmapdisplay requires a --with-contiger=/path/to/contiger to be passed with ./configure. fmap-etc is the /etc structure the program is looking for and also contains a map of the area the program presently defaults to on startup. Incidentaly, it's Salt Lake City, Utah.

Build con-tiger before running ./configure on fmapdisplay. There is no need to run make install at this time.
Once fmapdisplay is build you will need to copy plugins/roads/.libs/ to /etc/fmap.d/libs If you have already untarred fmap-etc there will be a config file that points to the and another that makes sure it loads the road file that was included.
Oh, and there is that whole gtk-2.0 requirement. To avoid any trouble I just downloaded everything from and compiled the latest versions. That really is the safest way to not have any compile issues. Before I did that I was having trouble compiling other peoples sample programs.

Last of all, thanks for trying out my program. It improves every day, and the meat of it seems to be done, now it's down to feature enhancement. If this hasn't worked for you try emailing me. (shaun at linuxhost dot cc)